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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why You Should Consider ROP Education

Vocational educational programs offer something many traditional college prep high school programs neglect: hands on project based learning that matches the kinesthetic and visual learning styles of many students. With this learning approach ROP can meet the broader educational needs of students by appealing to their desire to learn a career, earn a living, and move forward in life.
ROP answers the age old question, when am I ever going to use this? It is a hands on delivery system for education, and that's how some kids learn best. Math and language arts are inherent parts of careeer technical education. In the automotive trades, building trades, and construction, there's a ton of math involved. In the firefighting program, firefighters need to use complicated algebraic formulas to calculate hose pressure. It's an applied use of math.
ROP works directly with industry partners to develop programs, create and review curriculum and train tomorrow's workers for industries most in need of skilled workers. The hot areas for industry are anything related to tourism, recreation, and health care. Energy and utilities will be big too. People will be retiring from that industry and there are new alternative energy initiatives and things will open up.
The automotive industry, biotechnology, computers and media and maritime are also high tech areas for which ROP is training technicians. For every engineering o science job, several technicians and assistants are needed. Students who explore career options through ROP often decide to further their education to become an engineer, biologist or doctor. If you can spark their interest, they may want to pursue the field at a deeper level, and that's what true education is all about.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Evony Secrets - Strategies for Success

I have for your knowledge and enjoyment, over 90 pages of tips, tricks and strategies that will help you succeed in the game Evony. After months of playing, recording, testing, and conquering I have put together some of the most in-depth secrets to Evony. Learn the game fast, build your cities faster, become one of the strongest players on your server. I'm James Ruben, and I love playing Evony.
This is what James has to say. I am here to tell you that I picked up the guide and I am so impressed. I have added a just a few of the great tips that you'll find in the Evony Secrets Game guide. The following tips are for your benefit in the growth of your game while playing. Taken right from the Evony Secrets guide.

18. Some players prefer to build evenly and when there are an odd number of tiles available they build either lumber mills or farms. I find I have no problem getting food from barbarian towns or other players and food is the cheapest resource to buy, so I find farms to be a waste and am currently destroying farms in towns where I don’t need them.
19. If you are inactive a lot and only get to play part-time then you may want more farms than someone who is very active. If you don’t have a lot of farms then you constantly need to loot food or buy food from the market. If you go inactive for a day or two at a time you might want to build more farms so your army doesn’t starve while you are away.
13. Your mayor affects research or building only at the time you initiate it. So when you click the button to research “archery level 9” you want to have your high intelligence hero as mayor. As soon as you start the research change back to your high politics mayor so that you collect resources faster and shorten build times for structures.
21. You only need a warehouse when building your forge. After you have built your forge you can destroy your warehouse. When plundering an army takes your resources first and gold second. If you hide your resources in your warehouse they will take your gold instead of your resources. Since 1 gold is usually equivalent to 5 to 10 of any particular resource. On my server I can buy about 5 lumber for 1 gold. I can buy about 11 food for 1 gold. So gold is infinitely more valuable than other resources. Building a bunch of warehouses is just plain dumb. I can still take your town and get your resources that way if I want to!
22. On a brand new server resources like lumber and stone will be very expensive as they are used in building structures. These resources may cost more than 1 gold per item. Within a few days of the beginning of the server prices will begin to drop as more players increase their own production of resources, capture valleys for bonuses, etc.

17. When building resources concentrate on lumber first. Lumber is the most valuable resource. Build 2 lumber mills for every 1 farm, mine, or quarry. Quarries are useless later on. Once you have built your walls and such up high enough. 
23. On a server that is well established (say 2 months old) the cost of iron and lumber will increase dramatically. This is because iron and lumber are needed to create armies. Iron and lumber prices may get to be 1.5 or 2 gold (or more) per item. Even so lumber will always be the most expensive because it is used for building structures as well as for training troops. Even food will eventually go up in price but will still remain at about half the cost of lumber. You can sell your lumber to buy 2x as much food 
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Monday, May 17, 2010

8 Biggest Discovery In Human Civilization

There are so many discoveries that occurred during the period of human life on Earth, hundreds or even thousands of eight invention penemuan.Namun without this, would we still live in a civilization that does not like now.

8 The greatest discovery in human civilization

I. Fire

Homo erectus lived in a primitive and not yet familiar with the fire. many researchers said that early humans discovered fire by accident when lightning strikes a tree - the tree in the colony. Since the fire found human civilization a step further by cooking system was discovered, modern hunting and ends on lighting.

Homo erectus lived in a primitive and not yet familiar with the fire. many researchers said that early humans discovered fire by accident when lightning strikes a tree - the tree in the colony. Since the fire found human civilization a step further by cooking system was discovered, modern hunting and ends on lighting.


The discovery of fire, indirectly creating the lifestyle of the colony, and gathered since early humans who fear the dark near the source of fire. This has encouraged creation of the communication system that we know the language. This is where human civilization later developed quite rapidly and communication between people spread throughout the Earth's land.


With the rapid communication system, the distance and then becomes a problem when a man wants to visit the other human. forest and ground conditions are bad to the barrier before the end of a round object with a central axis is found. these objects we are familiar with the name of the wheels. human civilization and then expand again with the creation of the train, the first vehicle invented by man.


War occurred between human beings, even since the time humans primitive.Sebelum discovered gunpowder, war occurs near and use sharp weapons such as spears, and panah.mesiu become the greatest inventions in human civilization as generate ideas for creating a weapon of war is very far away , such as weapons fire. canon, etc..
Black powder gunpowder or explosives that are made from a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrates, which burn very fast and driving material on firearms and fireworks. Gunpowder was discovered by Chinese alchemists in the 9th century when it was trying to make a potion of immortality. The discovery of gunpowder is expected to result from chemical experiments for centuries. Potassium nitrate was discovered by Chinese culture in the mid-first century, and much evidence that their use with sulfur have been used as medicine. An article about the chemistry of China from the year 492 wrote that the potassium nitrate to produce a purple flame when burned, making it can be identified and studied further 


Humans are social beings, even since the first humans were created. they need each other, this creates the barter system in human social life primitive.namun since found the money, the barter system had disappeared and was found to be very mudah.tanpa MONEY system, we must bring a horse from Indonesia to exchange with a TV in China . imagine ...



trical in nature since the beginning created the earth, but several prominent research and a boon to the discovery of electricity.
In the case of electricity, there are many people who have participated. Call it de Coulomb, Alesandro Volta, Hans C. Cersted, and Andre Marie Ampere. They are considered "good-good" best in the field of electricity. However, of all that, people should not forget one name that is very deserving and is known as a pioneer in researching about electricity and magnetism. He is Michael Faraday, a scientist from Inggris.Mihael Faraday discovered the first electric motor, a first scheme of using electric currents to create something moving objects. No matter how primitive, Faraday's discovery was a "ancestors" of all the electric motor used in this present world. Since the first discovery in 1821, the scientist Michael Faraday was his name rose to fame autodidact. Findings are considered as a trailblazer in the field of electricity. 


With the discovery of electricity, found also a discovery that changed the face of the world and lower the difficulty communicating distance to near Santi Giuseppe Meucci 0.Antonio, (13 April 1808-18 October 1889) was an Italian nationals which inventor is the discovery of modern communication tools are urgently needed by today's society for the social life of the phone. Generally, the inventor of a more known to the public telephone was Alexander Graham Bell, but it seems history is to be rewritten because it is an immigrant from Firenze (Florence), Italy named Antonio Meucci had invented the telephone in 1849 and patented his creation in 1871. During this time, Alexander Graham Bell dieknal as the father of the telephone, But on June 11, 2002 dikongres United States, Antonio Meucci as the inventor of telephone set.


This discovery is the most modern systems, creating virtual transactions and exchange of business system, an entirely new currency, for example shares, investments, dll.selain that this discovery system with payment by credit card system, which became popular worldwide breakthrough.

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Monday, May 10, 2010


And thy Lord inspired the bee, "Make the nests in the hills, on trees, and in places that made human," then eat of every (kind) of fruits and follow the path of thy Lord who has made easy (for you). From the bee's stomach out drink (honey) that a variety of colors, in it there is healing for mankind. Verily in this is there really a sign (Glory) for people who reflect. (Surat An Nahl, 16:68-69)

Almost everyone knows that honey is an important food source for the human body, but very few people who realize extraordinary properties of the producing, the honey bee.
As we know, the food source is the honey bee flowers (nectar), which may not find in winter. Hence, bees mix the nectar they gather in the summer with a special fluid that issued their bodies. This mixture produces a new substance-ie nutritious honey-and save it for next winter.
It's interesting to be observed that the bees store the honey so much more than they actually need. The first question that comes to mind is: why bees do not stop making an excess of this, which seems a waste of time and energy? The answer to this question lies hidden in the word "revelation [inspiration]" which has been given to the bees, as mentioned in this paragraph.
Bees produce honey not for themselves, but also to humans. Like other creatures in nature, bees are also devoted himself to the service of man: as the chickens that lay eggs at least a grain of every day despite not need it and cows that produce milk far exceeds the needs of their children.

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Extraordinary settings In Bees Nest
Life of bees in the hive and honey production is astounding. Without discussing too much detail, let us observe the main characteristics of "public life" of bees. Bees must carry out numerous "tasks" and they manage all this with extraordinary settings.
Settings humidity and air exchange: The humidity nest, which makes honey has a high level of durability, must be maintained at certain limits. In the humidity is above or below this limit, the honey will be damaged and the loss in durability and nutrition. Similarly, the temperature should be 35 degrees celcius nest for ten months of the year. To maintain the nest temperature and humidity is at a certain limit, there is a special group charged with maintaining air exchange.
If a hot day, looks the bees were arranging the exchange of air in the nest. Filled bee hive entrance. While attached to the timber, they are fanning the nest with wings. In a standard hive, air entering from one side pushed out on the other side. Bees and other regulators worked air exchange in the nest, pushing the air into all corners of the nest.
Air exchange device is also useful to protect the hive from smoke and air pollution.
Structuring health: Efforts to maintain the quality of the honey bee is not limited to moisture and heat settings. In the nest have a perfect health care network to control all events that may lead to the development of bacteria. The main purpose of this arrangement is to eliminate substances that may cause the bacteria. The principle is to prevent foreign substances entering the nest. For that, two guards are always placed at the entrance of the nest. If a foreign substance or insect enters the nest despite existing preventive measures, all bees act to throw her from the nest. For bigger foreign objects that can not be removed from the nest, use other means of defense. Bees membalsam foreign objects. They produce a substance called "propolis" (ie, sap bees) for the balm. This bee sap produced by adding a special fluid that they remove from the body to sap collected from trees like pine, hawwar, and acacia. Gum bees are also used to patch cracks in the hive. After ditambalkan on crack, the dried sap when reacting with air and forms a hard surface. Thus, the nest can survive from external threats. Bees use this substance in almost all their work.
At this point, many questions come to mind. Propolis prevent any bacteria living in it. This makes propolis as the best substance for the balm. How do bees know that the substance tersebutlah best? How do bees produce a substance, which can only be created humans in the laboratory and use of technology, and with an understanding of chemistry? How did they know that a dead insect can cause bacterial growth and that the balm will prevent this?
It is clear the bees do not have any knowledge about this, especially laboratories. The bee is only an insect 1-2 cm in length and he did all this with what has inspired his Lord.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Majapahit was an ancient kingdom in Indonesia that had stood from 1293 until around the year 1500 AD This kingdom reached the peak of its power during the reign of Hayam Wuruk, who ruled from 1350 until 1389.
Kingdom of Majapahit was the last Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that controls the Malay Peninsula and is considered as one of the largest in the history of the country of Indonesia. influence extended on Java, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaya, Borneo, the Sulu Archipelago, Manila (Saludung), up to eastern Indonesia , although still disputed territory. 

Founding of Majapahit Harihara statue, the god Shiva and Vishnu as the combined Kertarajasa depictions. Scallop originally located in Temple, Blitar, is now the Republic of Indonesia National Museum collection.

After Singhasari expel Sriwijaya from Java as a whole in the year 1290, Singhasari become the most powerful empire in the region. This has become the attention of Kublai Khan, ruler of the Yuan Dynasty in China. He sent an envoy named Meng Chi  to Singhasari who demanded tribute. Kertanagara, the last ruler Singashari refused to pay tribute and shaming these messengers by destroying his face and cut off his ear. Kublai Khan was angry and then dispatch a large expedition to Java in 1293.
At that time, Jayakatwang, duke of Kediri, was killed Kertanagara. On the advice of Aria Wiraraja, Jayakatwang give clemency to Raden Wijaya, Kertanegara-law, who came to surrender. Raden Wijaya then given the woods Pull. He opened the forest and built a new village. The village was named Majapahit, whose name is taken from the fruit of a teenager, and a sense of "bitterness" of the fruit. When the Mongols arrived, Wijaya allied with the Mongol army to fight Jayakatwang. Raden Wijaya Mongolnya ally turns against forcing them withdraw from a chaotic because they are in foreign territory.  It was also their last chance to catch the monsoon winds to be able to go home, or they should be forced to wait another six months on a foreign island.
The exact date of which is used as date of birth of the Majapahit empire, Raden Wijaya was the day of coronation as king, that on November 10, 1293. He was crowned with the official name Kertarajasa Jayawardhana. The kingdom was facing problems. Some people trusted Kertarajasa, including Ranggalawe, Sora, and Nambi rebelled against him, though the rebellion was not successful. Slamet Muljana mahapati Halayudha guess that was the conspiracy to overthrow all of the king, so he can reach the highest positions in government. However, after the death of the last rebel (Kuti), Halayudha arrested and jailed, and then sentenced to death. Wijaya died in 1309.
Wijaya's son and heir, Jayanegara, is the master of the evil and immoral. He dubbed Gemet Kala, meaning "weak villain". In 1328, Jayanegara killed by tabibnya, Tanca. His stepmother, Gayatri Rajapatni supposed to replace, but Rajapatni chose to resign from the palace and become a priestess. Rajapatni pointed Tribhuwana Wijayatunggadewi daughter to become queen of Majapahit. During the reign Tribhuwana, Majapahit kingdom grew into larger and more famous in the area. Majapahit Tribhuwana mastered until her death in 1350. He was succeeded by his son, Hayam Wuruk.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Acehnese women peering Behaviours

At that time saturday night, the clock showed 22:15 pm co-author of a friend happened to want coffee in the front stalls around the Baiturrahman Mosque. That night the streets of Banda Aceh and the situation began to quiet, unlike the previous nights when martial law was not enforced. Only a few people of Banda Aceh city residents who take advantage of the night for a rest outside the house. That is also mostly men, who generally observed from their appearance is arapat because his base is not far highway from the mosque site. But not so with some women who should no longer eligible 'Hanging around' outside the home. Those with striking looks tight clothes wandering around the area of the mosque was the pride of Muslims in Aceh. There is colonize some of which sit in a group of men in a coffee shop. They look so relaxed talking and giggling. Sure they look the same as all tight clothing. They looked so wild, and the dialect they were suspected to be women of Aceh. Preview the authors find around Banda Aceh were in fact portraits Acehnese women are also found in these areas. Another side of woman in Aceh today. Side of stark contrasts and even deviate from the character culture and behavior of women of Aceh's past. Acehnese women today attached to an image that is tight clothes, show off genitalia, and difficult to lifestyle hedonism and rah-rah.
Therefore it is not a strange things when the team scooped Police enforcement sekoloni lust women gatherers, some time ago. The incident was partly situation is considered a "radical" that occurred in Aceh related to behavior Acehnese women current. Of course it stands to reason because it's Aceh Unsurprisingly, Muslim - let alone known to be fanatics and fundamentalists against Islamic values, will become a strange, and very ironic. More tragically because the perpetrator was in fact a radical behavioral deviation "in production country ". And it was not simply can not be generalized but also not merely casuistic moral part of the Acehnese women, but it is behavioral description of a lost culture. Therefore should not be underestimated.
Several factors degradation of values and culture of Aceh, among others, understanding Our rate is a phenomenon that is common as in other regions. The other side of policy or rule that has been only limited political discourse is not in the textual context. For example, about the application Islamic Law in Aceh. Thus, the occurrence of violations of the moral territory and ethics and culture, is only seen in distinct-Sort or piece- pieces.
That, to establish the existence of women in Aceh had only focused on understanding of political spaces, humanitarian and public policy. Ternyta not menyentu ever to build and design the foundation of religion, morals strong and kompeherensif.
The phenomenon of behavioral aberrations that Acehnese women as small indicator of the occurrence of sporadic demoralization. In giliranya will defensifitas childbirth collective behavior, the deviations from the community permanentm and created a women's Aceh when a value-free product. Another factor why the deviation behavior that happens is the insistence of life want all easy. that morality is considered only a screen for free and continue to suffer. In addition, the superiority of men. So it is not fair if only the intrusive and blasphemous women unilaterally. Although in response to this we must use feminine perspective in viewing the problem of demoralization of women in Aceh. Factors that, first, the man also has a share and stock dams built demoralized the women of Aceh. Especially when the concept of superior-inferior producer-consumer and still remain a common understanding that develops within community.
The man is superior while the women are inferior. Male is producers and women are the consumers. This makes him more understanding think women are consumers and objects that can be used anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately again this occasion also became an opportunity for women, even women rarely take the initiative to advance get closer to the figure of a man.
This is proven by the number of behaviors-behaviors that are not polite and 'stimulate' women who exhibited more dominant than the behavior of men. If we refer to the theory of intention and the demoralization of women in Aceh opportunity was also a big influence and the women of Aceh itself. Secondly, the ongoing conflict. This of course factors that most influential in shaping the character of women in Aceh. Psychological condition unstable causes women to lose grip of Aceh. Morality is based on and religious doctrine began slowly the marginalized. Islamic doctrine that exalts the values of femininity even no longer seem firmly held.
Not only that, violence for the sake of violence that directly or indirectly direct overwrite Acehnese women, social conditions and the economy slumped further family instability makes the orientation of Acehnese women to changed. Muslim values are always used as material consideration in determine the direction of the purpose of life gradually began to be replaced with consideration of materialistic values.
Third, the effects of globalization. Free sex, which began to squirm and struck young people in Aceh, and certainly involving the women of Aceh is as a result of globalization and westernization that systematically reserved for younger generations of Islam.
In Aceh, this phenomenon is so easy we can get, ranging from fashion apparel women, how to associate a nauzubillah and unfortunately the women of Aceh very few people can filter cultures 'foreigners' who conflict with the values to those Acehan. More regrettably again, apparently only very few of the institutions in the area of womanhood This is concerned with the demoralization of women in Aceh, they are more interested discuss how women can be represented by a social Aceh political and social instituted formal political institutions. Discourse even try dibangunpun almost did not touch things like the principal problem demoralization that has been mentioned above.
Aceh's women characters
Inong Aceh seems indeed been at the crossroads. Even terindikasai increasingly uneasy in dealing with and living activities daily. Moreover, her character turned out to Aceh, which should be attached at din-Inong Inong Aceh began to fade and was impressed began shunned. For that Acehnese women have to go back to 'build character khittah'nya Acehnese women are genuine and humble religious, Heroic and feminine. Acehnese women to build character is based on morality priorities that must be observed by all parties in Aceh. Not negotiable Acehnese women have to go back again to build these three characters namely;. Acehnese women are women in their daily religious and all aspects of life were colored by the value-Islamic mlai noble, be it in addressing modes, clothing and general behavior.
Heroism is also typical of Acehnese women who should be in the 'handheld' back. History Acehnese women have proven that is ready to become 'lions' which can against its enemies wherever and kapapun. And in the present context, then the enemy Acehnese women today is the attitude of despair, westernization and values materialism.
So also with feminine attitude. That the women of Aceh is feminine women are aware of the nature and meaning of creation himself. He also must realize the limitations and majestic female figures in building the future generation. Acehnese women should be generation mothers with print kefeminimannya generations Aceh brilliant. "Maintaining a man is like maintaining a human, but maintaining a female-like to maintain the entire human being, "so an expression to further sharpen the vision and orientation of Acehnese women to absolutely no wrong way to manage the spirit of womanhood that increasingly tempestuous.
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Virginity there still needed?

The survey results in the local newspaper 'Hindustan Times' which presents the results quite surprising for me: that rata2 Indian girl that was no longer a virgin at the age of 18 years.
surprised me because it generally does not care. proved Indonesian student friends in India who very rarely have a girlfriend india girls. reverse-coed coed who we are not little men going out with India. indo women means that "more easygoing" than Indian women. unfortunately until now there has been no survey of Indonesian girls in the homeland. how their average age when losing virginity?
Virginity is actually still is not it necessary for men indo? whether it includes the requirement (in the Indonesian man's heart) when Indonesia will marry the woman?
warm regards,
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